Cloudflare Firewall Rules to Protect WordPress

Cloudflare Firewall rules a protecting my site from a brute force attack from a botnet. Below I’ll show you how to use Firewall Rules to keep your WordPress site safe. With the Cloudflare free plan, it includes five free Cloudflare Firewall Rules. Cloudflare Firewall Cloudflare is using wirefilter, which is a Wireshark-like expression language that they have created. We will need to create two rules to properly protect our WP Dashboard. [Read More]

How to secure your PHP Web App with a simple Firewall

I was trying to find a simple way to secure my PHP Web App when I realized how difficult it could be. Securing it the easy way cost more money than I’m willing to spend, so I decided to build my own solution. What are your options? Compiling nginx with ModSecurity isn’t easy, and I don’t think your WAF (Web Application Firewall) should be tied into your web server. If you want to simplify things, you could use Cloudflare or Sucuri, but that can be expensive. [Read More]

Internet 2017 and Beyond

The hacks, viruses, exploits, breaches, and other cybersecurity issues are only going to get worse before they get better. There are some simple things you can do to be prepared, but there are no guarantees you’ll be safe. Below are some things I suggest you do to stay safe. Antivirus I have been a fan of Symantec for a long time now. I really like Symantec Endpoint Protection. It isn’t a resource hog and does a great job at keeping you safe. [Read More]