If you’re going to learn Rust, then you’ll need some resources!

Rust Resources

The Rust community does an excellent job at providing resources to help anyone learn the language. The three primary resources on the Learn Rust page are the following.

“the book”

the book” is a great starting point for anyone eager to learn the basic syntax and the features that make Rust unique. They do a nice job at explaining the differences between other common languages, and why they made those decisions to do things differently.


Rustlings is perfect if you want to dive right in! We all encounter errors when writing code in a new language. So, that is why Rust spent time crafting helpful messages so you understand what is wrong. In other languages, I’ve often ignored the message, looked at the line number, then tried to figure it out on my own. While doing the Rustlings course you’ll encounter some of the most common error messages and get practice fixing those issues with real code.

Rust by Example

Rust by Example is what happens with “the book” and Rustlings make a baby. You get a less verbose book with real-worldish examples.


I recommend you:

  1. Read “the book
  2. Do the Rustlings course
  3. Read Rust by Example

There are some concepts that may be confusing at first, and you may be tempted to stop to fully understand them. I’d recommend you just keep reading until you’ve completed all three steps. By the end, everything will be more clear. And if you still aren’t sure on a few topics, go back to “the book” or research The Rust Standard Library.