URL Shortener built with Cloudflare Workers KV

Cloudflare introduced a new service called Workers that I used to build a URL Shortener. Other cloud companies have something similar. Google has Cloud Functions and Amazon has Lambda. Since this “serverless” thing is starting to catch on I decided to build something as a way to learn more about it. At first I built an image hosting site, as I usually do when learning about new technologies. I incorporated DigitalOcean’s Spaces for my storage. [Read More]

MySQL Relational Database

If my advice on how to date a model didn’t work, then maybe this will, but probably not. Anyway, you probably wouldn’t want to date a database, it will have other relations at the same time. So instead, let’s learn about relational databases. There are over 80 million WordPress websites currently on the internet. Each WordPress site uses a relational database. This doesn’t include the other millions of websites that run a different content management system or use a custom solution. [Read More]