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Advanced PHP is Actually Simple – Learn How Today

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Advanced PHP methods, practices, processes, and everything else can be a bit daunting. If you find it hard to understand some of the documentation or tutorials out there, don’t worry, I can help! I struggled to learn some of the core concepts, but eventually figured it out, I hope I can help you learn with

PHP Autoloader

The autoloader is similar to a troll riding a unicorn on a purple rainbow. You know it happens on a daily basis, but you’ve never seen it happen, even though you wish you had. If you read my last post about “My PHP Story,” then you may know I’ve been using PHP since before the

Creating a PHP Package

Make sure you have composer installed if you want to use PHP packages. If you’re new to PHP, then you may not know what a package is or why they’re nice. If you played with Legos as a kid, think about those blocks, they came in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each had a purpose