I made a map of WV illustrating infection count by county. I’ll try to update it every day and add some more features. This is a scary time we live in and I keep going back to the raw data. There is so much data out there and not all of it is organized very well. I want to see things like infection percentages based on the area population density. There are so many variables and different ways to look at all this data.


There are 327 million people in the United States with 209,071 confirmed cases of COVID-19. That means that 0.06% of the population is infected. Italy has 60.48 million people with 110,574 confirmed cases. So, in Italy, 0.18% of the population has COVID-19.

Place Population Confirmed Percent
U.S. 327 mil 209,071 0.06%
Italy 60.48 mil 110,574 0.18%

Population Density

The United State’s population density is 94 people per square mile. Italy’s population density is 532 people per square mile. So, the people in Italy aren’t as spread out. Manhattan’s population density is 72,033 people per square mile. Huntington’s population density is 3,234 per square mile.

Place Population Density*
U.S. 94
Italy 532
Manhattan 72,033
Huntington, WV 3,234
Charleston, WV 1,594
West Virginia 77

*people per square mile


Maybe I’m looking for numbers to give me hope. Maybe my math is wrong. It spreads fast. It’s scary.

I keep referencing these sites for information:

Stay home as much as you can. If you must go out, cover your mouth and nose. By covering your mouth and nose, you can help prevent the spread to others. Covering your face most likely won’t protect you from it, but we need to protect others.