I’ve been working from home for over two weeks now and this is what I’ve learned from the experience.

Keep a routine

Before this craziness I would get Starbucks on the way to the office. Now I make a cup of coffee each morning using my Keurig. It doesn’t taste as good as what I get from Starbucks, but it helps.

By keeping a relatively normal routine it helps you adapt to other changes in your life. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming, which it already is.

Have regular video calls

My team and I meet three times a day. The meetings are brief, but it’s nice to see the face of other people. We go over what we’ve been doing and what we plan to work on next. We also crack jokes and laugh, so it’s nice.

The management team meets at the end of each day.

Have a way to chat

No one works every second of their 8 hour day. It’s good to have a medium for co-workers to share meme’s, jokes, and ask questions. Use Slack, or something like it. We use MatterMost.

Choose your words wisely

Some english words can have more than one meaning, which can cause confusion for the person reading what you wrote. If you’re asking for something from someone, clearly ask the question. Coherent messages are important. Take a few minutes to explain technical issues to co-workers who may not have the same experience as you.