I keep moving this site all over the internet. It has been hosted with InMotion, DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, Firebase, and now AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage. I once developed a CMS (Content Management System) for this site, then I put the site into Wordpress, and now I’m using Hugo the static site generator. Database driven websites were the coolest back in the day, but now static sites are better. By making the site static, it speeds up the site since there are no connections to a database or complicated queries.

With a static site, you can easily keep the files in multiple places, which helps with the availability of the site. It is highly unlikely AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage both go down at the same time. Fastly makes it easy to have multiple origins, and if either does go down, it will either serve from the cache or the other cloud provider. I could easily add Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean Spaces to the list of origins for this site.

Since this is a simple blog and there is no user interaction, there is no need for a database. I could add some functionality to the site using JavaScript and some API endpoints.