Vaultless Passwords

I recently built a site for managing passwords without the need for a vault. Since there is no vault (online storage of passwords), there is nothing to hack or leak. There are also no servers for anyone to attack since it all happens in your browser.

The domain name I got is perfect! requires a password and a resource. It uses those two strings to seed a random number generator, generating a secure 16-character password. A resource could be a domain name, a username, or any other text. You could also use this to create a password for a password manager.

NoVault uses Cloudflare Pages for hosting, which means it can handle any amount of traffic. There are no tracking codes for analytics. The only JavaScript on the page is what I wrote. In hopes of having more people use it, I’ve made the code open-source. Could this be a new paradigm for passwords? Like serverless was for servers?