Keeping a website up-to-date and fresh can be time-consuming, but they need love. I like to give mine an overhaul about once a year, but sometimes I do it twice a year. Today is the day I decided to give my site a refresh.

I’ve had several posts this year, and they’ve ranged from Creating a Game to the Factory Design pattern. The day I run out of things to write about is the day I have learned everything. Needless to say, this day will never come, and there will always be something to write about.

Each year I look back at the things I’ve learned and accomplished. It always amazes me how much I’ve learned and makes me wonder how I ever got this far. Reflection is good for us, and we should all take a moment to inspect our progress.

I need to make a plan for what I hope to learn this year, what I should write about, and repositories I can contribute. Some programming concepts can be difficult for people (including me) to wrap their minds around. I would like to get a better grasp on some ideas so I can write about them on here and help others learn. I’ve noticed several repositories could use some better documentation, so maybe I can help with that. Writing docs isn’t always the most fun task, but you can’t measure the worth of proper documentation.


I’m hoping to start the Huntington chapter of OWASP. In my eyes, security has always been critical, but lately, it’s become even more so in the eyes of the many. If I can help our community practice better coding standards, then it is definitely worth my time and energy. We would meet four times a year to discuss best practices for development and ideas we have.