New site built with Hugo

I recently moved this site from shared hosting to being hosted on an Ubuntu server at home. Next, I installed a plugin that produces a static version of your Wordpress site and uploaded that to Google’s Firebase. I would rather keep my website in a Git repository instead of PHP and MySQL. There is another Wordpress plugin that will export all your content to Hugo compatible files that I used to migrate my content.

After getting all my content migrated, I decided to start with the blank theme, which required some customization. My CSS file is only 139 bytes, and I’m not currently running any JavaScript. The entire homepage is presently about 42 KB and 9KB gzipped. Bootstrap alone is 20KB gzipped.

I considered using AMP but didn’t want to limit the JavaScript I can run on this site. Since the site is so small and is using a CDN, it should be fast enough. I’ll probably keep styling it, and eventually add some JavaScript.

Also, I plan on moving this site over to Fastly CDN. I would like to use their services to have multiple origin hosts. Doing this would allow me to have my website files on Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Web Services S3. So, if either Cloud went down, this site should still be online.