I’ve recently started learning the Go programming language, or Golang as some call it. The fact it isn’t like other languages and doesn’t try to be is the primary reason I was interested in learning more about it. Another reason was all of the standard libraries, like HTTP, encryption, and JSON.

My Goals

I want to use Go as a means to make my code more straightforward. There is much complexity to some code, with all of the design patterns, and “normal” way of doing things. When using a framework, I’ve always felt like I don’t know the code, so I like to take a deeper dive into the language. I’m hoping with Go, and all the standard libraries, that will simplify the process.

As when learning any new language, it helps to build something that captivates you, so you won’t give up. I’m still looking for that type of project for me, and in the meantime, I’ll keep reading others code.


This blog post is the first of many in my journey to learn Go.