I’m Back!

Welcome to 2017! I have been working on my PHP DigitalOcean library. It has come a long way, and it uses some interesting design patterns to solve some common challenges. It will work as-is, but I have not completed all the possible features. I had written a lot of the code before I decided to restructure the library to make it more organized. The library documentation still needs to be written, as well as the PHPUnit tests.

Since my last post, I have lost the project I was working on using Laravel. I have also learned more about the framework and some other frameworks, such as SlimPHP, Symfony, and Silex. I will probably redo this site using Silex since it is a lightweight version of the Symfony framework, it should work well. Laravel feels like overkill for this website. I will have to redo the HTML/CSS, eek.

I am also working on some PHP packages that will utilize the DigitalOcean library. Deploying servers is something I have been interested in learning more about and how it can happen automatically. Some online services will handle this for you, and they work fairly well, but I plan on creating one that anyone can use on his or her own. You will have your control server, and it will control your other servers and websites.

Get ready for more posts this year. Hopefully, they will be more useful and exciting.

“Don’t get it perfect; get it done.”