Below are some branch names I use. The primary branch is usually called main. If the code is public and used by other developers then I’ll maintain a LTS version. When working to release a new stable version it’s helpful for it to have a specific branch. Some of these branches can be ephemeral while others may never be deleted.

This branch naming convention can be very useful when following semantic versioning.

lts/v1.10.0lts/v1.10.1 lts/v1.10.2
stable/v1.1.1stable/v1.2.0 stable/v1.22.4
release/v1.0.1release/v1.3.0 release/v1.3.1
bug/name-issuebug/editor-22 bug/query-19
hotfix/name-issuehotfix/cve120-4 hotfix/crash-23
feature/name-issuefeature/encrypt-data-45 feature/redo-handlers-73
  • Green items indicate a stable branch
  • Yellow items indicate a potentially unstable branch
  • Red items indicate it is not stable

Renaming Git’s default branch

If you have Git version 2.28 or greater then you can change the default branch name.

git config --global init.defaultBranch main