Git Branches

Below are some branch names I use. The primary branch is usually called main. If the code is public and used by other developers then I’ll maintain a LTS version. When working to release a new stable version it’s helpful for it to have a specific branch. Some of these branches can be ephemeral while others may never be deleted.

This branch naming convention can be very useful when following semantic versioning.

name examples stable
lts/v1.10.0 lts/v1.10.1 lts/v1.10.2
stable/v1.1.1 stable/v1.2.0 stable/v1.22.4
release/v1.0.1 release/v1.3.0 release/v1.3.1
bug/name-issue bug/editor-22 bug/query-19
hotfix/name-issue hotfix/cve120-4 hotfix/crash-23
feature/name-issue feature/encrypt-data-45 feature/redo-handlers-73
  • Green items indicate a stable branch
  • Yellow items indicate a potentially unstable branch
  • Red items indicate it is not stable

Renaming Git’s default branch

If you have Git version 2.28 or greater then you can change the default branch name.

git config --global init.defaultBranch main