Is it time we update our definition of a War Crime? Should civilian computers and networks be off-limit to hackers?


It seems like everyone is getting hacked. Who protects us? Are there rules? Should there be rules? FireEye, a cybersecurity firm, was recently hacked. While my home network is probably not a target, is it safe?

Advanced Persistent Threat Groups

There are several groups out there lurking in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to attack. These APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are given a number, and their activity is monitored. FireEye keeps a list of APT Groups.


Unless you play the game, you should be off-limits. Even then, it would help if you still took precautions while on the internet.

Sending encrypted messages is now simple, so there is no excuse. Use platforms like ProtonMail for email and Signal for text messaging. Do this even if you have nothing to hide; most of us don’t.

Take the time to learn about strong passwords. Use a password manager like LastPass, DashLane, or something else. It’s also a good idea to get some identity theft insurance just in case something does happen. Purchase a hardware key for an extra layer of security. Use One-Time Passwords.