CSS, JS, and Gulp

I recently tried the CSS framework Skeleton. It is a minimal framework, that only provides you with some very basic styles, which is what I like about it. It has a twelve column fluid grid with a max of 960 pixels. It uses the Google font Raleway which is a nice choice for typography. It has styles for buttons, lists, forms, and a few other must-have styles. I also like that it uses normalize.css and not a reset.css.

Other frameworks are bloated and either force you to use their design or you end up with a lot of extra CSS. I’ll continue to look into other CSS frameworks, but for now, I’m happy with Skeleton.

I really enjoy having babel, it allows me to write ES6, and have it transpiled to an older version to work with more browsers. There are a lot of improvements in ES6, but my favorite is the class syntax.

My gulpfile is getting a little long and could probably use some attention. I keep creating new gulpfile’s for each project, but I’m starting to see some commonalities between them, so I hope to create one gulpfile that I can use on multiple projects.

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