Cloudflare Firewall easily allow IP

Cloudflare will sometimes make you complete a captcha if you’re editing content on a website. Occasionally, you’ll get your IP address blocked. These hurdles can be frustrating for anyone.

These challenges rarely happened when we were working at the office since we have static IPs there. However, most of us are working from home, so it now happens much more often. A co-workers IPv4 address might stay the same for a long time, but their IPv6 address might change every day.

While it is easy to add an IP address to our account’s firewall allow list, it still takes someone away from what they were doing. If you manage multiple accounts, then it’ll take even more time. And, if I’m not there, someone might not have access to all the same client accounts as I do.

By adding an IP address to an account’s allow list, you should always be allowed to visit all websites associated with that account.

Ensures that an IP address will never be blocked from accessing your website. The IP may still be mitigated if part of a DDoS attack. Only use for verified IPs that you trust!

I wrote a simple command-line app in Go called “cfallow” that gets your IP and adds it to each account’s allow list. Getting the binary signed by Apple is an annoying but necessary process, more on that another day.

Check out the cfallow repository on Github if you’re interested in using the app.