Levi LOL


Today I started wondering if there is anyone out there who is interested in what I write, code, or think. If you are interested, you can subscribe to my mailing list to get updates on blog posts, code, projects, and maybe pictures of my dog.

Tomorrow makes nine years as a professional web developer. I’ll never forget the first 90-days; that was a trial period and I was worried they wouldn’t keep me as an employee. Fast-forward to today, I’m not the Vice President of Web Services, and I still love what I do.

I really enjoy solving problems. I like writing code in PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, C, and most recently C#. DigitalOcean is my favorite cloud provider, Google Cloud, and Amazon are tied for second. I’ve recently started learning more about serverless and have found some uses for it. I used TypeScript to create a simple browser-based game that utilizes Cloudflare Workers to handle keeping scores. That said, I’ll write a blog post about how I did that.

Other topics that interest me are performance, security, and machine learning.