TL;DR visit the new AMPbin website at 

Last year I posted about AMPbin v1.0.0 (link), and I’m posting about it again this year! It had been a while since I checked on the website, but when I did, it wasn’t working very well. That gave me the opportunity to rewrite it from scratch.

Sloth starting from scratch.

Over the years I’ve learned it is better to take more time planning than to start coding without a plan. When I rewrite some code, I still find ways to improve it. Perhaps I don’t always need to start from scratch, but sometimes it is easier than refactoring.

I’m still using the same repo, but I have added some more information about contributing. One major goal is getting people to contribute. So please visit the Github repo and start helping! (please)

What’s new with AMPbin

I am using more icons since they generally don’t need to be translated. There is an icon to create a new bin, another icon to save the bin, a copy AMP HTML button, and a copy bin URL button. Validation is displayed using green with a thumbs up when it validates and red with a thumbs down when it doesn’t validate.


Right now users are logged in anonymously and automatically. In the future, I would like for users to have the option to login and list their saved bins. I could also find ways to improve the overall speed of the site. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know, they are all welcome.

Next month is the AMP Contributor Summit! It’s Google, Mountain View, California and I will be attending. I hope to share this project with the people there and maybe find some help.