My journey to the AMP Contributor Summit began at 5:45 am, Monday, September 24th, 2018. My flight was at 7:33 am, so I got to the airport early, checked my luggage, made it through TSA, and then on the plane. I put my backpack under the seat in front of me and buckled up. A few minutes go by, and then they ask us to get off the plane due to it being overweight.

As we walk back into the terminal I am the first to volunteer since I am traveling alone. I waited around until they found two other people to volunteer, and then waited some more. Eventually and fortunately, they fixed me up with a ticket later this afternoon.

I took this opportunity to go home and nap. I like getting up early, but that was a little too early for me. Frank (my dog) is staying at my mom’s while I’m away, so I’m going to see him again before I leave.

Last year, I went to AMP Conf and had a blast! Since then I’ve learned a good bit more and I hope I learn even more over the next two days!