Last week I got to attend the AMP Conf in NYC thanks to Bulldog Creative Services. It was the first time they had a conference and I think it turned out awesome. I got into the city the day before the conference, checked into my hotel, ate some food, and then went to bed really early. The next day I get up early as I usually do and I end up being one of the first people there. Since I was so early I could pick any seat I wanted and I decided to pick one front and center. If you streamed it then you probably saw my head.

The conference was amazing The people were genuine, passionate, and kind. It was really neat to see a representative from Google, Cloudflare, Microsoft, and LinkedIn all on stage discussing how each can help AMP. The people working on AMP want feedback from everyone; they want anyone to help decide the fate of the project. I’m not a JavaScript expert, but I’ve decided to contribute by helping people with issues.

While in NYC I got to meet up with some friends and eat some delicious food. Black Tap Burgers & Beer had some pretty good burgers and an amazing milkshake. The line to get into Black Tap was wrapped around the corner. The next night my friend and I went to Nagomi Japanese restaurant. There were only two people in the place, but you still had to have reservations, luckily my friend did. The sushi was delicious. I couldn’t help but make funny faces of enjoyment while eating it and I think our waitress found them entertaining.

photo of New York City

AMP is the future of mobile websites and I’ll write more about it in another post. When I got back I decided to write some JavaScript and I created a playground for AMP HTML. I got the perfect domain for it as well,, we’ll see if people actually use it.