2020 Website Update

This site is back on Cloudflare using Worker Sites. I’ve built a Worker to handle some common tasks.

url description
https://levi.lol/api/ip returns your IP
https://levi.lol/api/agent returns your User Agent
https://levi.lol/api/password generates a password

I like being able to deploy a static website and still have the ability to add functionality outside of the content. I’m using a simple router to handle requests ending with https://levi.lol/api/. Since I’m using Workers, I could pass on the requests to another service, or maybe a Cloud Function. It’s nice being able to route different requests to different services. Cloudflare Workers are fast, they run on all the edge servers around the world so you don’t need Argo. I could even route requests to a full blown Google App Engine application. The JavaScript to do these things is not complicated. And, since it is all serverless, it is highly scalable. I can also mix-and-match programming languages based on what is most appropriate.