Month: June 2017

Actualización rápida

Actualización rápida

I’ll continue to post every couple weeks.


My pal Alex and I are writing a chat app that uses Google’s Firebase products. It’s coming along nicely and we continue to add new features. The more I use the real-time database the more I love it. Their JavaScript library makes it very easy to get started. I’m still getting used to denormalizing the data, but I think I got it.

Allowing users to register and sign-in is also a breeze. We don’t have to worry about our database getting hacked. We probably wouldn’t worry about that anyway, but now we can let Google do the worrying for us.

I hope to make our chat ultra secure! It’ll use a hybrid encryption system that employs AES (symmetric) and RSA (asymmetric). The user’s private RSA key will be encrypted using AES 256. When a user sends a message, they’ll generate a unique encryption passphrase and use it to encrypt the message with AES. The passphrase will then be encrypted using each user’s public RSA key. The recipients can then decrypt the passphrase and then decrypt the message.

CSS, JS, and Gulp

CSS, JS, and Gulp

I recently tried the CSS framework Skeleton. It is a minimal framework, that only provides you with some very basic styles, which is what I like about it. It has a twelve column fluid grid with a max of 960 pixels. It uses the Google font Raleway which is nice choice for typography. It has styles for buttons, lists, forms, and a few other must-have styles. I also like that it uses normalize.css and not a reset.css.

Other frameworks are bloated and either force you to use their design or you end up with a lot of extra CSS. I’ll continue to look into other CSS frameworks, but for now, I’m happy with Skeleton.

I really enjoy having babel, it allows me to write ES6, and have it transpiled to an older version to work with more browsers. There are a lot of improvements in ES6, but my favorite is the class syntax.

My gulpfile is getting a little long and could probably use some attention. I keep creating new gulpfile’s for each project, but I’m starting to see some commonalities between them, so I hope to create one gulpfile that I can use on multiple projects.

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