AMP Gist Component

Erwin Mombay wrote an excellent article on creating your first AMP Component. AMP is a way to build pages for static content that render fast. AMP extensions use the power of custom elements and allows us to create new components to enhance AMP HTML pages. While at the AMP Conference Eriwin showed us how to

Node.js Package

Encryption has interested me for as long as I can remember. I’ve been writing a decent amount of JavaScript lately, so I decided to try ricmoo/aes-js. It works really well and does everything I was hoping it would do. Since it does so much, the interface requires a little more knowledge than the average person

AMP Conf

Last week I got to attend the AMP Conf in NYC thanks to Bulldog Creative Services. It was the first time they had a conference and I think it turned out awesome. I got into the city the day before the conference, checked into my hotel, ate some food, and then went to bed really


TypeScript was created after JavaScript, but TypeScript is the parent of JavaScript. It is a little confusing, but it is similar to the what family members do in Kentucky, date their cousins. TypeScript made JavaScript fun again (and better?). JS has been around for awhile, and it has taken some twists and turns to get