MySQL Relational Database

If my advice on how to date a model didn’t work, then maybe this will, but probably not. Anyway, you probably wouldn’t want to date a database, it will have other relations at the same time. So instead, let’s learn about relational databases. There are over 80 million WordPress websites currently on the internet. Each

PHP Adapter Design Pattern – Learn How It Can Help You

When I think of an adapter, I think of the three prong to two prong electrical outlet thing. It allows me to plug in an electrical device that has three prongs (one with a ground) into a two prong outlet that doesn’t have a ground. The interface of the outlet is two holes and the

Relationship Models for PHP and MySQL

Want to be in a relationship with a model? If that has always been a dream of yours, then I might be able to help. I firmly believe if you read this blog post, you’ll be able to attract any person you desire. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac. This post is really about how I developed

Interface or Abstract Class

I was recently working on a project, and I found myself adding the @property DocBlock to an interface. I knew it wasn’t good practice, but the class that is implementing that interface will provide those properties. I tried to convince myself it was okay. Interface Yes, it is a good idea to have your concrete

Securing a Server

This post will cover securing a Linux server. Back in the day, I started with Red Hat 6 and Slackware 4; I still have a book from when I was learning Red Hat 6. I also ended up learning FreeBSD, but I’ll save that story for another post. I’m not claiming to be an expert

Perceptual Hashing

Disclaimer: This is not a post about how you can get high and see things in a new light. Or is it? You may assume that computers know everything and they don’t need people to do anything. We have assistants on our phones that we can talk to and ask questions, so who cares about